Buttons is a 5-year-old neutered male Siamese cat with blue eyes and a stunning silky coat. He loves to be brushed and is very affectionate. He had a jaw injury and has a little trouble eating but otherwise the damage is not apparent. He loves either indoor or outdoor, and craves human attention - even strangers are met with affectionate leg rubs. He does not like other male cats, but gets alon...
My granddaughter s cat had 4 kittens. They were born in the house and have never been outside. Tried putting them outside but they wanted back in right away. He is so sweet and a could personality. I cannot afford to keep them, retired with a single income. I want a great home from them. Had someone ask for them as barn cats and I couldn t do that.
Kitsy is an abandon cat we have taken in. We have cared for her well and have maintained great veterinarian care. We can only keep her until we can find her a home. Kitsy is an indoor Kitty since she has no front claws. She is a well behaved loving Kitty. Kitsy always uses her Kitty litterbox. She loves to interact with people. She is very playful but mostly she likes to snuggle up! She is very...
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