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17-Aug-2017 Carbon, TX (11 miles) Animals and Pets
Tom is an exceptional gelding that rides the very best. 1 hand ride, works off leg pressure. Does anything you want willingly, has had everything you can do on a ranch done on him. Gentle, safe for any rider, easy to work around, good age, registered AQHA papers. Where are you going to find a gelding like this that you can afford. There is no bad side to this nice gelding. Better Hurry!! More n...
17-Aug-2017 Carbon, TX (11 miles) Animals and Pets
Tumbleweed is a good looking gelding, with a big hip, big chest, that needs lots of saddle time. Rides good outside, goes across the pasture great. Just a young good looking gelding that has his whole future in front of him and needs a job. Spend a little time here and get a really nice gelding for the future. Good handle, no buck, nice young gelding that needs more time under saddle. More nice...
17-Aug-2017 Carbon, TX (11 miles) Animals and Pets
Banjo is a very nice Brown Ranch gelding that is young, has his whole life ahead of him. Has been used his entire life, rides quiet, 1 handed, easy to work around. Came out of the feed lots in the Panhandle. This young gelding has seen it all, good for most riders. This is a very safe using gelding that will do nothing but get better and better. Nice gelding for now and the future. More nice ge...
9-Aug-2017 Carbon, TX (11 miles) Animals and Pets
Jagger is a 10 yr old Roan gelding with a big hip, big chest, classy looking move, nice little short lope, smooth trot, 1 hand rides. Great, great gelding, you older riders will love this geldings looks, the way he carries himself and the easy way he is to work with. This gelding is OK for most any rider. Hard to find this kind of gelding. Take a look here. 7sracingstables.com for more nice gel...
9-Aug-2017 Carbon, TX (11 miles) Animals and Pets
Parker is a 10 yr old gelding with a ton of looks. Roan with a perfect blanket on his butt. Great for any rider, young or old, great size, tons of fun. Parks to mount, jumps logs, goes through water, ride anywhere. Enjoy and love! This is a super once in a life time gelding. We like everything about this gelding, perfect trail horse, perfect beginner horse, perfect horse for that older rider th...
9-Aug-2017 Carbon, TX (11 miles) Animals and Pets
Red is a well put together, very flashy gelding, with a pretty nice ride to him. 1 hand ride, carries himself well, 4 white wheels to the knees, big white face, a real looker. Gentle, quiet, wants to please. This gelding will get a lot of attention everywhere you go. This gelding is gentle, no buck or other bad habits, a pretty nice gelding, great age and not for a lot of money. Just try to fin...
8-Aug-2017 Carbon, TX (11 miles) Animals and Pets
Rooster is a sorrel, 14.1 hands, weighs 1000#, very gentle and quiet gelding this is sure put together. Big, big chest, great hip, 1 hand ride gelding, very stocky, not fat, just built like a big horse. This gelding is honest and sound, will work for most riders, great age (10 yrs) and is worth every penny he costs. If you can not get along with this gelding, you may not need a horse. Ya'll cal...
8-Aug-2017 Carbon, TX (11 miles) Animals and Pets
Mr. B is a good looking, registered gelding that is 16 yrs old and looks like a kid. This is a really well bred gelding with a ton of class. 3 white wheels, big star and strip, 1 hand rides and smooth as glass to ride. This gelding is always trying to please. Nice registered gelding that have the looks and the impressive papers to match are hard to find. The more I watch this great gelding, the...
8-Aug-2017 Carbon, TX (11 miles) Animals and Pets
McCall is a big, strong, outstanding gelding with huge chest, great hip, perfect head and neck and look at that color. Just 13 yr. old, 1 hand ride, smooth as glass, came off the same older rancher as Hershey, extremely gentle and just an exceptional example of a great ranch gelding. This great gelding is 15.1 hands tall, and 1250 #, not for little kids, but is you can ride, you will love this ...
8-Aug-2017 Carbon, TX (11 miles) Animals and Pets
Blanket is a 6 yr old, broke to death, super gentle gelding with a world of color. Quiet to be around, would be perfect for youth or the older set kind of horse. He just does not make a mistake, 1 hand ride on loose rein, very smooth trot and lope, lots and lots of class. Check around at what the market is on this kind of gelding, $3,000 - $5,000. This is an exceptional gelding that will not la...
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